Attention Dimmit County Property Owners

The Dimmit Central Appraisal District has begun the appraisals for the year 2020.  The Dimmit CAD appraisers along with the Eagle Appraisal Firm will be inspecting properties till the end of March 2020. During the appraisal process, the appraisers will be driving around Dimmit County taking pictures, measuring structures and adjusting for any changes to the property.  Please keep in mind that not all properties are required to get a physical inspection on a yearly basis but once every three years.  The Dimmit CAD’s reappraisal plan designates what areas and what type of properties will get a physical inspection in a particular year.

Please consider that it is very important as a property owner to make sure that the information on file is correct and/or updated, such as ownership, addresses and/or any kind of changes that apply to your property before the 2020 Appraisal Notices are mailed out in May of 2020. A very important note to all property owners, if you receive any kind of correspondence from the appraisal district, requesting information, it is essential that you respond promptly.

The Dimmit Central Appraisal District would appreciate all cooperation needed to complete the appraisals for the year 2020.
Please contact the appraisal district office if you have any questions or need more information.